CYBER LIBRARYRules and Regulations

  1. The validated school ID or Enrolment card should be presented every time you use the Computer/Netbook /Workstation in the Library. Always log your name in the Record Book provided.
  2. Each user is given only 30 minutes to use the computer but may extend to one hour if there are no demands from other users.
  3. The Computer In-Charge or the Librarian should be called if there are for printing jobs.
  4. Students must only use the CDROM that are available in the library. Personal or CDs not owned by the SCC   Library/EMRC should not be used in the computer stations.
  5. If there is a need to change CD, ask the assistance of the Librarian.
  6. No games are allowed.
  7. Hacking, breaking in, corrupting, installing unauthorized programs and other similar acts are prohibited.
  8. Users should not shut down the computer after using.
  9. Problems encountered at the computer workstations must be reported to the librarian immediately.
  10. Violation of any of this will be recommended for sanctions appropriate for serious offenses.

Violation of any of the rules in the Cyber Library will be  recommended for sanctions appropriate for serious offenses. Violations of the rules shall be meted the following:

First offense  – Oral warning

Second offense  – Written warning

Third offense – Endorse to the Conduct and Disciplinary Committee, SAS for appropriate sanction.

Printing Services

Cost per page:

3.00 – for text, 10-15.00 for colored (inkjet)


Access to the internet and information technology resources are to be used appropriately and in a manner consistent with the instructional, research, community service and administrative goals and objectives of the College.

Users of Wifi are expected to have read and understood and thus strictly follow the prescribed Wifi policies and guidelines, and observe standards of decency at all times. The Student’s internet account with the Cyber Library is convertible to wifi service/ access every semester, with condition that:

  1. Only bonafide students of SCC could avail the Wifi Internet Access.
  2. Interested student who owns a laptop and may apply for free wifi access by filing the application form at the Director’s Office or the Cyber Library/Network Office.
  3. The student will not be given account in the use of any workstations/computers in the Cyber Library.
  4. The wifi account is non-transferable. Only the subscriber can use the account in his/her own laptop.
  5. The subscriber’s laptop is configured with assigned IP Address by the Cyber Library/Network In charge.
  6. The subscriber can have internet access throughout the designated wifi zone and during prescribed service hours of the Cyber Library.
  7. Use headphones when hypermedia (with sounds, movie video and virtual reality) links are searched and opened inside the library.
  8. SCC adheres to strict prohibition of entering or transmitting of obscene/pornographic sites/ materials and questionable sites in the offices, computer laboratories, libraries and wifi areas.
  9. Appropriate sanction (Outright Disconnection) will be imposed to those who violate all the guidelines.

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