Educational Media Resources Center


  • 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday),
  • Reserved during Saturdays for Graduate School use.


  • No service during Sundays and holidays, unless a written request is made two days in advance.
  • No eating and smoking inside the EMRC.
  • No sitting with feet on another chair.
  • No sitting on the table.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the center.
  • Observe silence while the show/activity is going on.


Reservation for the use of the EMRC must be made two (2) days before the viewing time, etc. on a first come, first served basis. Forms are available in all the library units.

For Class Instruction/Curricular Activities:

  • The teacher In-charge must fill-out the reservation form and have it verified by the EMRC Librarian and signed approved by the Principal/Dean and Director of Libraries.

For Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Extra-curricular activities of clubs, organizations or any group using the EMRC are scheduled during   activity period.
  • The president or adviser of the organizations or clubs must fill-out the reservation form and have it verified by the EMRC Librarian and signed approved by the SAO, the Adviser and the Director of Libraries.


  • Videotapes/VCD/DVD not owned by the SCC–EMRC must be previewed by the Librarian and the teacher before showing to the students.
  • Teachers can preview the videotapes/VCD/DVD anytime, provided that there are no conflicts in schedule.

Software (Videotapes/VCD/DVD, audio-cassettes, slides, transparencies, etc.)

  • These materials are intended to be used within the Library/EMRC only.
  • Faculty, staff and administrators are given the privilege to borrow videotapes, optical disks & cassette tapes for home use.
  • Dubbing of audio-cassette tapes must be done at the EMRC.

Hardware/Equipment (LCD Projector, Laptop, Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, Cassette Recorder, Video Camera, Karaoke, VCD Player, DVD Player, VHS Player, Speech Laboratory, etc.)

  • These facilities and equipment are not to be rented out to outsiders.
  • As much as possible, these materials are to be used within the EMRC only.
  • If intended to be used in the classroom outside of the EMRC, the faculty/borrower must fill-out the Borrower’s Slip or submit a Letter of Intent before the equipment is released for use, etc.

Rental/Tariff for outsider or non-regular class instruction/activity:

  • Rent of the EMRC/Viewing Room (inclusive of chairs, TV, Karaoke, Light & sounds, DVD, aircon) :

– P 200.00 (minimum of 2 hrs; 150.00 next succeeding hrs.)

– P 650.00 (half day)

– P1,200.00 (whole day)

  • There will be a separate rent for the following if used in the EMRC Viewing Room (subject to change)

LCD Projector – 250.00 per hour

Laptop – 250.00 per hour

Overhead Projector – 250.00 per hour

Slide Projector – 250.00 per hour

Video camera – 250.00 per hour

Damages and Losses

  • The use of the Educational Media Resources is free. In case of damage the cost of repair is shouldered by the users. If lost, a replacement of the same material/equipment is required.

Discussion Room

The Discussion Room can be used by small group of   students who will discuss something about their assignments, research or any group works. Reservations can be made at the Graduate School Library Counter/desk.


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